Latin America & The Caribbean Agri Expo LACAE 2021
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Welcome to LAC Agri Expo AAE 2021 - the fifth edition of our Agriculture Event Series which includes – Africa Agri Expo 2020, AgroMach Africa 2020, AgroMach MENA 2021, Africa Agri Expo 2021.

Latin America continues to stand as a key region responsible for the production and export of a diverse range of agricultural commodities, whether it is coffee from Brazil and Colombia, beef from Argentina or bananas from Ecuador. Data shows that the region is a critical exporter of agricultural commodities to the world, accounting for an estimated 16% to 18% of global food and agriculture exports.

The region has significant unexploited agricultural land, suggesting the region will continue to play a pivotal role in global food production and exports in the future. Most of the countries in the region have been showing excellent rates of agricultural productivity growth in the recent past.

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Latin America & The Caribbean Agri Expo 2021

aims to provides an excellent networking platform for Agriculture Companies, Machinery & Equipment Companies, Technology Companies, Agro-Chemical Companies, Agri-Input companies, Poultry / Livestock companies & other agriculture Solution companies to build valuable connections and explore numerous business opportunities.

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